Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional photographer?

If you’re like me, you love any photo of your family whether it was taken by a phone or a DSLR. However, I challenge you to ask yourself, “When was the last time I had everyone all together in a picture looking their best?” I have had many clients tell me when I’m doing their family photos that it is the first time in years everyone has been together. Also, why stress yourself out with a camera and a tripod attempting to calm everyone down long enough to get out a “cheese” ? Life only happens once, and your kids are only kids for so long. So, let someone who has experience capture those tender moments that can be cherished for years to come.

As far as weddings go, it should be no surprise that a professional rather than an amateur is the way to go. I also honestly understand that the price of a wedding in this day and age is outrageous, but one place you do not want to cut corners is with your photographs. Your wedding day is a time of celebration and love, not a time when you should worry about whether or not the event is being recorded to its fullest potential. Frankly, there are many things I do not remember about my own wedding day through the rush of greeting family and friends, dancing, cutting the cake, etc. Fortunately, I can look back at my wedding album and remember all of the wonderful events and emotions of the day.  I urge you to hire a professional to capture your wedding photos so your big day can be as its meant to be: a stress-free and joyous celebration of the two of you coming together as one.

How long will it take to get my photos?

Three weeks for a Custom Photo Session

Six weeks for a wedding

(A rush fee of $50 may be added to speed up processing time and to move your session to the top of my list. Please allow a few days for a regular session and one week for a wedding)

What do you shoot with?

I prefer to photograph with a Canon 5D Mark III and a back-up Canon 60D we also have back-ups for our back-ups so we are always prepared!  I have a wide variety of lenses, but my personal favorites are my 50 mm and a 70-300 zoom lens for weddings. I mainly shoot with my top-of-the-line glass lenses which allow your memories to get captured in the highest quality with the brightest colors and tack-sharp crispness possible. I shoot in RAW format and edit my photos in high-resolution with Lightroom and Photoshop editing software.

How do I prepare for my session?

Make sure everyone has eaten 30 minutes prior to session. If the session is not close to your family’s eating schedule, please bring snacks along for your children and/or yourself.   Most importantly: RELAX, this is a special moment for you and your family so just lay back and allow yourself to take part in the memories being made.

What should I wear to my session?

Wear what makes YOU comfortable. In my opinion, it is always best for families and couples to go for the same color and tone palate instead of wearing identical outfits. If you prefer multiple looks, always go for one casual and one “formal” option. Typically I like to say neutrals and blue-tones seem to be the most flattering across the board, but if bright colors fit your personality, I encourage you to go with that. I love anything that helps my clients “true selves” shine through! I am also a “pet-friendly” photographer and love to capture your furry friends in photographs as well. I only ask that proper a proper leash and/or harness be brought along for the times your pet is not in the photo. Also, treats are a great way to corerse your furry friend into corroperating for photos so I always like to encourage my clients to bring your pet’s favorite thing.

Will there be multiple photographers at my wedding?

So that your big day can be documented properly, I will always have at least one other photographer assisting me at your wedding. Most of the time that other very talented photographer is my husband, Luke. Having us as a duo on your wedding day has many benefits, particularly the fact that Luke is able to hang out with the guys while they get ready and I can focus on the ladies.

What time is best for pictures? 

It depends on what you are looking for. My favorite time of day to shoot is around sunrise/sunset there is a beautiful, almost dreamy, lighting element that you can’t get at any other time of day (or in Photoshop). If you want light and bright photographs I would suggest either mid-morning or just before sunset in order to both capture natural light and beat the elements.

Where do you like to take photos? 

I love to take pictures outdoors in nature at a park or at my or my client’s home. However, if you desire a more “urban/city” look to your photos, I love taking pictures in downtown areas as well. If you have a place in mind already, please let me know. We are adventurous by nature, so we love checking out new places!

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